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Britney: Piece of Me' In Vegas Celebrates One-Year Anniversary
One year ago today, Britney took the stage for the first night of her epic "Piece Of Me" Residency in Las Vegas. Dozens of performances and Meet & Greets later, Britney is already celebrating a successful year in the city that never sleeps... with many more shows to come! Relive the magic below, and if you haven't seen "Piece of Me" yet, what are ya waiting for? Get Your Tickets Now!
Don't miss a Britney beat — follow Britney.Com blogger Britannica on Facebook and Twitter! Get Your Copy Of "Britney Jean" Now. To purchase tickets to see "Britney: Piece of Me" in Las Vegas, Click Here.
This is Yehonatan, he is about to turn 13 in February and to celebrate his Bar Mitzva. When asked for preferred present he easily named "Britney's show in Vegas" but right now there are too many obstacles for us to accomplish that for him.
He adores you Britney, we don’t have words to express how much. Neither of his brothers or sisters is allowed to loudly express name of any other singer as the "Pop eternal queen" as he describes you. It could get violent (:
His parents, his grandparents are all familiar with yours songs, as he hears them all the time. His father, Assaf, is always joking that there's no need to check Yehonatan's room to know if he is home…the music is on, Britney is on.
We have small request Britney. You can make his Bar mitzvah celebration something that he will never forget. It will blow his mind; the guests will be shocked, it will be exciting, emotional, it will bring so much happiness to his life. He struggles with severe ADHD and this struggle can get very tense around the house and his school. He is very intelligent kid, that’s the good side and the bad side of this struggle.
In his bar mitzvah we are planning a 3 minutes presentation of family and friends greeting Yehonatan for his coming to be bar mitzvah. Our dream is to black the screen at the end…to write "ahrona haviva…" (In Hebrew last and loved) and to show a video recorded greeting from you. Few words, few seconds, that’s all.
We could never thank you enough, most certainly Yehonatan
We promise to make no use of any kind in the video, it will be played publicly just once, and then it will be maintained in the privacy of the family. Yehonatan wouldn’t allow anything else.
Buganim family

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